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Cambodian Textiles


A new documentary about the IKTT will be available soon, after screening at a number of international film festivals. Tatsuhito Utagawa made the documentary in the last two years of Morimoto's life after he got diagnosed with cancer. The film explores Morimoto’s lifelong achievements, the creation of the IKTT and the memories of his life, from his start in Japan and explorations in Indochina, to the creation of the IKTT, and daily life in the textile-weaving village. For more information on seeing the film, please get in touch through our website. Follow the links below for more info. 


Article Films website



Rolex Award -video 

In 2004 Morimoto had the great honor of being awarded a Rolex Award for Enterprise. Since then we have been very grateful for the support and belief showed by the award, they managed to grasp the concept of our project at such an early age, and for that, we are truly thankful. It is their support, alongside many others that have helped us to grow and prosper. Here we would like to share with you a short video made by the Rolex award team which we feel perfectly captures the spirit of our work. Enjoy watching...


Please follow the links to the Rolex Awards website for more info on our project and the Rolex Awards, alongside more inspiring projects and people from around the world, supported by the award... Rolex Awards Website

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