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Silkworm Festival 

Every year we hold a Silkworm Festival and Fashion Show at PWF. On the day of the full moon in March, we invite everyone to join us in celebration of the silkworms and the lives they have sacrificed for us each year. The whole village makes their livelihoods from what the silkworms provide for us, and we want to say thank you for that.


We celebrate with a fashion show where all the women, men and children get the opportunity to dress up and showcase the silks they have been working on throughout the year. Unfortunately, many Khmer can no longer afford the silks they weave. So the opportunity to wear and appreciate their work can be lost. Hosting the fashion show is one way we can celebrate and enjoy our silks. 


The festival draws people and friends from all over the world who have become familiar with our silks. Including Khmer royalty who have always worked to support us. We bring in Khmer bands to celebrate in the beauty of Khmer culture, so we continue to preserve and share its beauty for centuries to come. 


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