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Our Philosophy



To create beautiful textiles, we believe nature is key. Good soil provides good plants; good plants provide good dye and food, therefore the right materials for good textiles. Nature is incredibly powerful, by listening to the needs of the environment around us we have the ability to create items that stand together with the beauty of the natural world.



IKTT believes that traditional wisdom and culture is paramount to achieving sustainable, long-term development. As a non-profit, non-governmental organisation, we aim to ensure Cambodia’s rich cultural heritage can be preserved and continued.  By working with our cultural identity, we have the most robust foundation to move forth into the future.



All our fabrics are created completely by hand, each thread passes through our hands more than once, as they are spun, dyed, tied and woven, the whole village works collaboratively to achieve each item of cloth. Our team starts at the apprenticeship level, progressing in knowledge over a ten-year development to the level of a master artisan. The quality of our textiles comes not only from the skills acquired in the process but also from the emotion involved.



IKTT works collaboratively with individuals and organisations worldwide to promote and educate on sustainable long-term social, environmental and economic growth. We believe that by sharing knowledge and information, we may inspire and support each other towards a sustainable future. 

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